Hydration Safety Toolbox

A Toolbox Talk:
The Critical Role Hydration Plays In Safety

Coastal Ice & Water is committed to a partnership of job site safety and education, centering around heat stress and the role hydration plays in reducing the risk of heat incidents. In this talk, your team will be educated on the importance of staying hydrated, and they will be provided with practical tools and real examples that will shift their perspective on dehydration, and incentivize them to take their hydration seriously.


Now Offering Real-Time Hydration Reporting

Take advantage of the first ever portable, real-time hydration test. Your team will be able to actively monitor their hydration levels any where, any time, to help their bodies be prepared to perform at their best.

Meet Your Speaker

Monica Beynaerts, Director of Business Development for Coastal Ice & Water started out as a customer. Buying for a contractor on a jobsite, a shortage of hydration nearly stopped work. Since joining Coastal Ice & Water in 2019, has focused on helping to grow the product line and business to encompass more dehydration prevention products as well as educate customers on ways to shift behavioral responses to ensure heat stress incidents are avoided altogether. She’s found a focus on dehydration prevention measures, while learning from customers what’s working for them is a true need on jobsites. Coupled with OSHS changing standards, it’s been her goal to help spread awareness on ways to be proactive rather than reactive to the brutal Texas heat.


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