Circularity Overview

Our Goal:

Keeping your workforce hydrated while reducing your carbon footprint.

We Offer Sustainable Hydration Options

We understand the important role hydration plays in keeping your workforce safe onsite, and the volume of drinking water needed to achieve this goal. We also understand the amount of plastic waste this need creates and we have created some sustainable options that allow you to hydrate your team while reducing plastic waste onsite.

What About Onsite Plastic Waste?

We offer sustainable options. But for those times when water bottles are needed, Coastal Ice & Water has created a plan to reduce onsite plastic waste. We take the plastic that you utilize on your job site. With your help we collect it, consolidate it, and then resell it to a third-party partner that gives the plastics a new life. The profits are then invested in our Coastal Ice & Water Foundation which supports the continuing education of members of our industry.